Heritage Museum

Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum, located in the Historic Burke County Courthouse, has a permanent exhibit on the history of the Historic Courthouse and a gallery featuring changing exhibits on various aspects of Burke County history.

The permanent exhibit is displayed in a room that is a representation of an attorney’s office around the turn of the twentieth century. The furniture and related items were donated by the family and friends of the late Senator Sam J. Ervin. This exhibit includes information on the North Carolina Supreme Justices who held summer sessions of the Supreme Court in the Courthouse from 1847 to 1862 and who will, after 154 years return in 2016 to hold session.

Current Exhibit

Saving Our Built Heritage Through Restoration, Preservation,

Rehabilitation and Adaptive Reuse

The exhibit is broken into four main categories focusing on structures that are examples of Restoration, Preservation, Rehabilitation and Adaptive Reuse.